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Sculptural Jewellery

This is a collection of sculptural jewelries as the result of a collaboration with Loïs Brandsen for Divided Connections, part of Exposed, KABK fashion show that took place in June 17th 2022 in Amare.

Searching for her roots and background in depth and inspired by nature and rituals, Loïs Brandsen designed ten well crafted outfits, for which I was invited to design a series of jewels. Having a lot in common in our visual and conceptual inspirations with Brandsen, made this project an opportunity for me to express myself within a collaboration with another creative person.

“Blanket, the feeling of not knowing where to belong
the issue of not knowing where one’s home is, not knowing where one belongs, and not knowing their identity.” Loïs Brandsen

“The touch of a hand is a symbolic tactile feature in the graduation collection that is inspired by everyday life and celebrated rituals that are performed on and in the home.” Loïs Brandsen

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