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Sculptural Cups

As my artworks was turning more and more into sculptural forms, I was discovering a new fascination in the world of art and creativity: designing and creating functional ceramic pieces.

We might know ceramics in classical meaning mostly in forms of vases and kitchen-ware. I had already started making sculptures since 20019 and was learning about ceramics gradually since then, but it was only in March 2020 that I made my first ever cup!, thinking I haven’t made anything for my partner for more than a year, it is time to make something just for him. I had to look around, what am I working with these days? clay. What is there to make that he uses every day and will make him happy and to think of me every time he uses it? A espresso cup. I made a peculiar little cup with leave patterns for my partner. Then another couple of cups the next time after working on sculptures and another few cups the next time I was desperate and tired of sculptures!

After making more cups just for fun, just for us to use at home, I found making an object that people can drink from is so joyful I couldn’t describe at the time.

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