I am an artist and a ceramicist currently living and working in The Hague, The Netherlands.


I have been fascinated by the production process of an artwork and in general any progress rather than the solid and finished outcome. Therefore I’ve worked on the concept of process as an artistic medium in the format of documentary. It can be the natural process of growth, erosion or moulding that stands for the concepts of life within death and death within life in my work. Through my master, I developed a rich collection of documentations of processes for the sake of process without any outcome, but the celebration of progress in my final theses in 2017.



After years of observation of what fascinates me in the nature and studying the visual aspect of the natural phenomena in their natural or artificial environments, I’ve become strongly inspired by the juxtaposition of organic forms and colours.

Using the skills that I have been developing through out my life, I started to make things with my hands towards a new approach. The result being in the last couple of years to practicing clay visualising my emotions for the world, nature, life and death in three dimensional forms. 



July 2017 – I got my diploma in Master of Artistic Research in Koninklijke Academie van Beeldende Kunsten  in Den Haag – Netherlands .

2009 – I got my diploma in bachelor Arts & Crafts in Art University of Isfahan – Iran.