Learn clay with me!



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You can join Sepideh at Desert Spirit ceramic studio and learn different hand-building techniques in a day or two.

She will help you step by step to make functional or sculptural pieces – according to your field of interest. Then will learn about basics of firing process and glazing.

There are different private and semi-private Workshops in one or two days that you can join to learn how to work with clay. You can choose to learn some classical Japanese techniques including Kurinuki, stamp making, slip decorations etc. or to learn different known hand-building techniques. Based on your preference, the workshop will approach a more artistic, experimental, sculptural or functional purposes.

So, no matter if you are a beginner or already familiar with ceramic, since the private workshops are very flexible and adjustable to your needs, you will get the best out of each session.

BONUS: Sepideh will share with you valuable knowledge and experiences in shopping supply and materials in the market.

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After you pay for a workshop, Sepideh will contact you to arrange a date. So don’t forget to give your contact details please in the checkout!

<< Group workshops are announced few weeks ahead. So, keep an eye on social media, or contact her to be on the list of workshop announcements mailing list.>>

The followings are some examples of what you will be making in a  workshop inspired by Japanese ceramic.

You will learn different decoration techniques on tiles to then apply on your ceramic pieces. But the tiles themselves will be beautifully glazed too.

You will learn different slip applications such as pour-patterning and slip-inlay with different slip colours on your pieces. Slip can create beautiful effects in combinations with right glazes.

Kurinuki is a traditional Japanese technique. It is basically a carving technique to create an object that celebrates the irregularity, uniqueness and expressiveness.

Kurinuki technique is open to any wild creativity!

This charming cup is one of the few kurinuki cups made by one of my clay learners.