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During the Iranian uprising since the murder of Mahsa/Zina Amini, many Iranians fell victim to the subsequent brutal repression of the protests by the current regime of Iran. Some of the most memorable words of these protestors have turned into endless echoes of the stories behind their tragic deaths, resonating within the hearts of everyone that wishes a better future for Iran.

We are the generation who for the rest of their lives will remember the brave heart Nika Shakarami every time we hear “Don’t laugh guys”.

Mona Naghbi for “The bullet hit me”

Kian Pierfalak for “In the name of the god of the rainbow”

Mehrshad Shahidi for “Salam, I am Mehrshad”

Yalda Aghafazli for “They hit me so much, so much that you can not imagine”

Unknown voice who said “Baloochestan is the child of Iran”

*Alborz is the name of highest mountains in Iran. 

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