Sepideh Jahanpanah

Amorphous Life

Fohat Transformation

(work in progress)

Fohat Transformation is a mixed media installation work by Sepideh Jahanpanah and Bardo Frings. The work consists of several ceramic objects of different sizes from 15 to 70 centimeter in diameter, which are installed on (almost) eye level on metal stands in a space of about 9 m2. The atmosphere is welcoming to the audience in such a way that they can examine the artworks, and curious people are able to discover video screens inside some of the objects that can be watched through a hole in the objects. On the screens there are short video loops displayed, showing parts of the creation of the objects and sources of inspiration, but also moments from the lives of Jahanpanah and Frings, combined with poetic textual reflections on occult electromagnetic phenomena.

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