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Amorphous Life


Dice has been the symbol of game, temporising, chance and randomness. I think these are constitution elements of something called life and life is a game, a pathetic game, played by pitiful people to spend time. Chance has its decisive role from the very beginning of life until death.

It has been a short time that this project has started and it proposes different concepts. One of the important ideas in these series is about the role of chance in our everyday life.

All of these objects are some experiences and the final objects are supposed to be created in ultimately bigger scale in the future.

The bizarre combination of life with itself. Strange composition of day and night with the accidents happening during them.

Whatever we are, with any appearance or character could be something else if only another sperm had reached the ovule. We could have been grown in different circumstances and we could have experienced different situations if we think in this way. Concepts like; I, me, self, other, self-will, nature and concepts like; judgment, acclaim and punishment, which are the results of earliers, will have no sense in my opinion.

In this work, the egg is used in relation with the concept of the un-predictableness of birth and the huge part of chance in our lives.

The combination of birth and chance sounds absurd. What is supposed to come out of this mixture?

Le hazard, the chance or un-predictableness is? At the very beginning of our existence.


In my opinion nausea, hallucination, confusion in some people’s lives make them behave like children.

Unlike the routine, this time, the chance which make the difference has no value. It doesn’t make any difference, if dice rolls over and over and show me its different sides. All sides covered by a placid, misty face.

Nowadays, dice is the symbol of life for me. Images of my laughter are reproduced on different sides of dice. Together they make a terrifying combination. Each of them belongs to a different period of my life.

These multiple gazes into my eyes make me remember they are only some fake smiles which can appear temporary on my face.

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