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Ceramic Workshop

<<< With the presence of lovely participants, this workshop took place in July 2021, in Kunstpost at LOOkatie364, Mariahoeve, The Hague Netherlands. >>>

Would you like to boost your sculpting techniques?! Or haven’t touched clay before and want to start learning about it?! You can use this link to organise a short course together!

About this workshop:

Clay offers infinite working techniques! In this workshop, you will get familiar with some of them. You will learn how to “feel” clay to understand its limits and potential, and respect what it can offer you.

I will try to share with you my understanding of Japanese ceramic and Wabi Sabi aesthetic. An introduction to what I found extremely fascinating and different in the other side of the world.

You will be making a couple of pieces, including a unique cup that you will be able to use for yourself (or give to someone else!).

You are going to sculpt this cup not slab built, nor throw. It can look primitive or contemporary, complex or minimal. To achieve this, you will be guided step by step to learn one of the most fascinating ancient Japanese techniques called “Kurinuki” next to some other Japanese decoration techniques as well.

The nature of “Kurinuki” requires a free mind and hand. You will have as much freedom as will make you happy within this course, while learning a sculpting technique that you can use later in making sculptures.

To join the upcoming ceramic workshop, please fill in the form below!

In case you are more comfortable with phone calls, don’t hesitate to call me: +316 14 27 42 00.

Can’t wait to see you!

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