Sepideh Jahanpanah

Amorphous Life


2013,Self-portrait with textile and foam letters.

Being prisoner of myself, being some kind of self-watchman. Being the restriction of myself. It’s like trying to open a door when at the same time you are the lock on that door. It’s a very desperate situation to be in.

My thoughts put me in the same exact situation. These thoughts are represented by four verbs in these piece; to die, to be, to go and to stay.

There is a very interesting formula in Persian language. If the alphabet “ن” is placed at the beginning of a verb, it makes the verb negative.

Every verb used in this work finished with “ن” as well.

So putting all these verbs together gives the possibility of reading them in negative form. A dilemma of “to go” or ” not to go”.

Being confused between two choices or two situations is embodied with my femininity by using red color.

2013,Self-portrait with textile and foam letters.

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